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Athlete Reviews

Benedict Millson - British Weight Lifting Senior Champion

 Joel is a bit of a magician really. He has helped me deal with my longstanding sciatica by narrowing down the parts of my body that are holding tension and gives me very useful prehab exercises which always have a massive impact on my body. 

Natalia Kimberley Canoe World Champion

Natalia Kimberley

World Championships Canoe Marathon - 3 x Gold 2018, 2019,  2022

5 European podiums including  Canoe Sprint 200m + 500m & Marathon


“  Thank you, Joel, for using your NKT for helping me to undo over 15 years of damage brough on by the asymmetry of my sport. Still work in progress but definitely feeling better after each session, paying more attention to my body and working out often unexpected connections between different muscles. Joel is very good and clear at explaining what is going on and trying to work out how to get things back in balance. 

Kun Mo British Weight Lifting Champion

Kun Mo - British Weightlifting 
Junior Champion
Record Holder and Silver Medalist

 Joel has massively helped me with my disc bulge. Not only were his sessions informative and helpful, the rehab given provided fast and effective results in the healing process.

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